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Messages for Today, Tomorrow & Forever

With HearAfter, you can send media messages to be delivered at a future date and time to your friends and family. Send sentimental media messages years in advance or send playful messages minutes in the future with the free HearAfter mobile app.

HearAfter Create Message

Create & Send
Future Messages

HearAfter allows you to create time-locked video, audio, text & VR messages to send to your friends, family and youself. When you send a future message on HearAfter, your message remains locked for the recipient until the unlock time on the message is met. Send messages to be delivered a few minutes or a few years in the future.

HearAfter Future Messages

See The Messages You Will Get In the Future

When the people you know send you future messages, you will know it. You won't be able to see the message, but you will know how long you have to wait until you can open it. If you can't wait, ask the sender to unlock it early by sending an Early Unlock Request. But remember, the sender can always deny your request and make you wait until the unlock time.

HearAfter Dashboard

Schedule Messages for Events & Manage Your Storage

Have you forgotten to wish someone a "Happy Birthday" before? With our synced calendar, you can see your upcoming events and schedule messages to be sent to those special people ahead of time. Never forget another important event again. Also, take control of your media messages by saving the messages you value most to either our provided cloud storage or to your device directly.


Download & Invite

Download HearAfter on your smartphone  and invite your friends & family.

Future Messages

Create media messages and schedule a future delivery date for the messages to be recieved by your friends or family. Received messages remain locked to the recipient until the delivery time is reached.

Unlock Messages

Receive future messages from your friends or family that are time-locked. Either wait for the delivery date & time to see the message or send an early unlock request to the sender to see if they will grant you early access to the message. 
Schedule & Save

Schedule messages for important events in your life for the people that matter most. Use our provided storage to keep your important messages or download them directly to your phone so you can keep them forever.


Whether it's a timed birthday message or a quick note to a friend for the weekend, write and leave messages for your friends, family, or even yourself.

Send video messages to family & friends for the special events in your lives to be unlocked at the right time.

Keep it simple by sending an audio clip to your recipient for special occasions.

VR technology can make our experiences more immersive than ever. HearAfter wants to embrace that technology by encouraging users to create VR messages to send to their friends & family. VR can preserve the likeness of those you care about most -- forever. 

HearAfter Message Types


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