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Here are some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

HearAfter is a mobile application that allows you to send time-locked media messages to your friends, family & yourself.

Currently, you can send video, audio, text, and VR video messages with HearAfter on your smartphone.

In order to send a future media message to someone directly, they must have a HearAfter account in order to receive the message. If the person you want to send a message to is too young to create an account, there is always the option to create a future message and send it to yourself so that you can show them the message when it is delivered, Otherwise, HearAfter does not currently support a method to send messages outside of the mobile app network.

Most smartphones do not have the ability to record native VR videos, but the opportuinity to send VR videos still exists. HearAfter allows users to upload and send uncompressed VR video files that can be downloaded by the recipient and played in a 3rd Party Application on your smartphone to participate in the VR experience. While we do have plans to integrate a VR playback feature in the future, the current version of HearAfter only allows transmission of these VR files over the HearAfter network.

Unfortunately a time-locked message can only be unlocked early by the sender. A recipient can send an Early Unlock Request by clicking on the lock icon next to a future message. It is up to the sender to accept or deny the early unlock request. They can also just unlock a message in their sent folder if they so desire. Those are the only ways to unlock a message sent to you earlier than the designated time.